10 things to ask the beautician for the bridal manicure and pedicure service


To be beautiful and flawless on your wedding day, the beauty consultant will not only be asked to take care of the bridal makeup but of your appearance in a global way. The hand look is certainly an important factor for the bridal outfit, especially considering that - during the exchange of the rings - you will have the photographer's lens pointed right at your hands.

But that's not all! Because even the feet, especially if you have chosen to wear bridal sandals, are entitled to some pampering and beauty treatments; for this reason today we will give you some tips to have impeccable bridal manicures and pedicures, revealing the 10 questions to ask the beautician before choosing what to do.

1. What preliminary treatment must be performed for a perfect bridal pedicure?

Speaking of bridal toenails, first of all it is necessary to start from the basics, that is, from the treatments performed weeks before the wedding date to ensure that the nail grows perfectly or, if not, put in place healing remedies in effective times.

In fact, the bridal packages usually include, in addition to the manicure, the pedicure: a complete treatment that not only involves the application of nail polish but also acts on the removal of calluses and cuticles, as well as on the hydration of dry skin. The care of the heel skin is fundamental, especially if you will use open shoes: the foot must have a good appearance and be smooth, without cracks, so that you can wear the shoe with elegance.

manicure and pedicure bride

2. What is advisable to do before doing a bridal manicure?

For the hands, attention is even more important since they will be the protagonists during the exchange of the rings on the altar. To achieve a perfect wedding manicure it is essential to have healthy and resistant nails; otherwise, immediately inform your trusted beauty center in order to find an alternative solution, such as using a semi-permanent nail polish or gel for a more important reconstruction.

If you want to learn more about the topic of bridal manicure, read our complete guide on bridal nails: here you will find many tips and solutions to choose from to have perfect hands for the wedding.

3. What are the differences between applying gel polish and semi-permanent?

Speaking of bridal manicures and pedicures, let's understand better what is meant by gel and semi-permanent polish. The gel technique allows you to lengthen and reconstruct a poorly maintained nail; basically this technique is applied as a last resort only when it is not possible to proceed otherwise. In fact, the application is long and it is very important to contact a specialized center where high quality products are used, in order to avoid damaging the nail.

Semi-permanent nail polish, on the other hand, is a photo-hardening product; It is usually applied directly to the nail, exactly like a classic nail polish, although to fix it you need to use a LED lamp. If you have strong, long and beautifully shaped nails, the semi-permanent is an excellent solution to be preferred over gel or simple nail polish as it ensures a very well-groomed appearance for about 15 days, without weighing down or thickening the nail.

nail reconstruction with silver gel

4. Nail polish application: coordinated or different for bride's hands and feet?

If the more neutral color is reserved for the hands, the feet could be tinged with more decisive shades such as vermilion red or purple. In general, however, it is always better to prefer a coordinated look, or at most in a color scale.

5. What are the trendy colors?

The great classics for brides remain the French manicure and nude colors. Both will in fact allow you to have a very refined and natural look. To these are added the pastel shades, often used to recall the color of the wedding or the strong nuances, chosen by the most daring brides such as red (trend color in the Christmas period) or burgundy.

Either way, whatever your choice, make sure the color of your hands and feet go well together.

nail reconstruction with french

6. What shape should fingernails be?

Choose the shape that best represents you:

rounded for a classic and romantic effect;

squared for a sober and refined hand look;

squoval (square + oval) ideal for those who prefer short nails;

stiletto, if you are not afraid to dare;

almond-shaped, a great trend in recent years.

Remember that the shape of the nail goes hand in hand with the shape of the fingers: if you have tapered fingers per se, you can also opt for the square or rounded shape, while if you have more stocky hands, try to opt for the almond. or for more elongated shapes, in order to make the hands longer and consequently more elegant.

7. What to do if you suffer from mycosis?

Beyond the treatments and aesthetic advice, if you suffer from fungal infections or specific nail problems, it is good to consult a specialized center or your trusted dermatologist. Who will perform bridal manicures and pedicures will be the same person who will probably take care of your make-up, but in case of medical problems it is necessary to contact professionals in the sector, precisely to avoid incorrect treatments that could only worsen the health of your nails.

8. Is the wedding pedicure recommended even if you are not wearing open shoes?

If you get married in the cold season and you have chosen closed shoes, the bridal pedicure is still a pampering to indulge in: you never know during the reception, if you will have to or want to take off your heels, to dance or participate in the fun game of wedding shoes.

9. How long in advance is it good to book a bridal manicure and pedicure?

The ideal choice is to make an appointment for the bride's hands and feet a few days before the wedding, to prevent the nails from being damaged or the enamel from chipping with the last chores to be completed.

10. Are there any recommended bridal hand and foot packages?

Buying a beauty treatment in the form of an all-inclusive package in a single beauty center will help you to have a series of benefits. This means that there will be beauty consultants who will take care of everything, organizing a calendar with the various appointments in view of the big day according to a very precise timetable.

Turning to professionals is always a good starting point. Remember that many centers offer complete bridal packages where, together with make-up consultations or bridal manicure and pedicure appointments, you can also find hair stylists who will help you take care of your hair and design a perfect bridal hairstyle for your features. of your face.