8 blushes recommended by celebrity make-up artists


To shine like never before on the big day, you need to choose the right make-up products, like these blushes that you won't be able to do without.

The search for the perfect wedding make-up is not easy. In fact, every woman has physical characteristics, but also tastes and predispositions, which will require different make-up and products, also depending on the complexion and skin type. However, we are sure, a product cannot be missing in any wedding make-up - but let's face it, even in everyday make-up - that is blush. Loved by the make-up artists of international and local celebrities, this fantastic product will tend to completely revolutionize the complexion, restoring the volumes of the face and making the complexion more natural. So let's see which are the 8 blushes loved by VIP make-up artists.

1. Naj-Oleari Face, Everyday Blush

Also perfect for makeup beginners, this Naj-Oleari blush is really practical and easy to apply. A stick with a light and creamy texture that you just need to spread gently on cheeks and cheekbones and then shape with your fingertips, thus obtaining the shade of color you want. Natural ingredients, such as avocado oil and mango butter, give a veil of fresh and luminous color and nourish the skin thanks to their softening and emollient properties.

2. Pupa Make-up, Extreme Blush Glow

A perfect combination of blush and highlighter is Pupa's extreme blush glow. This is the make-up product you absolutely must have if you want to emphasize the volumes of the face for an extremely luminous effect. Apply it with a brush or directly with the fingertips under the cheekbone following its shape and from the cheeks to the temples. The glow effect is guaranteed!

3. Lancôme Face, Teint Idole Ultra Wear Blush Stick

A blush loved by make-up artists, it will be for its light and creamy texture, it will be for its formula suitable for all skin types, but this blush is really a must have. Even Mr Daniel Makeup, makeup artist of many Italian stars, uses it to create elegant and refined make-up. A splendid effect of this blush is that depending on its use and degree of nuance, it gives life to natural or more sophisticated and daring looks. In addition, its formula rich in pigments defines the contours and allows you to obtain a long-lasting, marriage-proof result.

4. Deborah, 24 Hours Creamy Blush

We can only say that we are fans of this fantastic blush, so easy to apply. Thanks to the sponge inserted at the base of the vial, obtaining a wonderfully natural effect will be even easier and faster. Just put some under the foundation, if you use it, or under a BB cream. You will get an extremely luminous effect and intense color for many hours at the speed of light.

5. Diorskin Luminizer Blush

And if you are wondering who is behind Chiara Ferragni's fantastic looks and above all which make-up products are used to enhance her beauty even more, here's the secret! It is Manuele Mameli, chosen by the top influencer for every make-up, from the most extravagant to the most natural. And Dior products are among the most loved and used for Ferragni's looks, including the Diorskin Luminizer blush, with iridescent reflections that give the face a multidimensional radiance.

6. Diego della Palma, Autumn Colored Cheek Cream Matt

And in terms of make-up artists, we certainly cannot fail to mention Diego della Palma, an institution in this sector. Obviously, a make-up artist of his caliber, he cannot fail to have his own make-up line, and above all to have thought of a blush so practical and at the same time with such a volumizing effect. Autumn Colored Cheek Cream Matt is easily applied with the stick that allows you to distribute the product directly on the cheeks and then blend it with your fingers. You can apply it both on the foundation, being careful not to overdo it with excessive pressure when you blend it, or on completely "clean" skin.

7. Sisley Le Phyto-Blush

The lasting effect of this blush makes it the perfect make-up product for every bride but also for every guest. In fact, thanks to the extracts of camellia, the skin will be soft, protected and the result will be really visible for many hours. Le Phyto-Blush, powder blush with an ultra-delicate soin formula, enriched with vegetable oils for perfect delicacy and comfort, will blend wonderfully with the skin.

8. Clarins, Glow 2 Go

A highlighter and a blush, all in one product. If you are looking for the must-have make-up product for perfect wedding photos, now you know which blush to choose. Glow 2 Go brightens the complexion and enhances the features of the cheekbones and cheeks in a single stroke. You can choose between two colors, depending on the look you want to achieve: Glowly pink if more sophisticated, Golden peach if more natural.

Here are the 8 blushes recommended by celebrity make-up artists. Illuminating, moisturizing, softening, protective and also very beautiful. Now it's up to you to choose the one that best suits your needs and your favorite make-up style - whether a natural wedding make-up or something more daring - and above all to start getting busy for the make-up test in view of the big day. . Experiment and remember to always shine!