We love to make things simple. And to be honest, life is already 

She Gets Ready

Here it begins. After all that planning, the day has finally arrived. We start whenever you need us - even if that's ridiculously early. Every morning is different, and we capture yours. We want to photograph the whole story, from beginning to end. We get it all: the giggles, the final dress adjustments, the make up process, the various sprays, the giving of gifts, the hairdressing, the bouts of stress, etc. And that also includes the dress, the shoes, the perfume, the jewellery, etc.

He Gets Ready

Same for the boys! We start early, and we get the story. It's the little things that make big memories. Shaving, struggling to put on that tie, etc. This is one of the great reasons why having two photographers is amazing - there's one with the bride, and the girls, and another one with the groom and the boys. We capture the two sides on the morning so you can see what the other was doing - how they reacted to your letters, or how chaotic things really were!


As she walks in, all eyes are on the bride. Everyone you love is looking, and supporting you. In many ways, the ceremony is not just the ceremony. It's walking there with dad, it's talking with your best mate, trying to hide how stressed you are, it's exiting through that insane confetti tunnel. When the bride walks down the aisle, we cross-shoot. There's a photographer at the top of the room capturing the emotion, and the context with all the people you love behind you, At the back of the room, there's another one getting those symmetrical shots. You won't even notice we're there!

Just Married

Or as we call it, couples shots... We want these to look as natural as the rest of your images. To achieve this, we will make you relax, forget for a moment about the 80+ guests enjoying each other's company and savor this moment when you just got married. Many of our couples tell us that this was their favorite part of the day. Oddly enough, you probably won't spend much time with your new spouse during your marriage.

We start with semi-directed poses that will feel authentic to you. Every couple is different and we know we can't turn affection up to 11 for everyone. We will walk around your venue, placing you in beautiful places, letting you be yourself and capturing the magic. Simple as that.

Candid and formal

We shoot a lot during the day. 90% of all your photos will be 100% candid without staging. We hate cheese: we love emotions and real moments.

Crazy dances!

We capture the entire wedding and we mean it! It was an amazing day, ending with an even more amazing celebration. And we get it all!

We know the dance floor is a delicate ecosystem and we make sure to find the right balance between getting an EPIC shot and letting your guests have fun.

Speeches and cake cutting

There's a reason speeches are stressful. It's the only time in your life that you'll address an entire crowd full of all the people you love most and talk about very personal things, like love.One of the best things about speeches is the way people react to them. We're looking for your emotional aunt, or you-know-who, the overexcited miss bridesmaid, or how you look while you listen to that embarrassing story being told